1. Open your rental store

Start by creating your rental store!It's Easy! Just sign up for an account and voila! Your rental store is located at To add items to your rental store, go to My Dashboard > Subscription. Here you can choose the plan that best suits your rental needs.

2. List your items

On Rentula anything and everything can be posted our site and rented out to anyone who needs it. To list an item, just click the list icon in the menu and select the category to which your item belongs. If your item does not belong to any particular category, you can add it to EZ Pool. You can add many items using "Add many" option.

3. Get an inquiry

After you have listed your item, you can share your share your listings social media and through text messages and emails. other users can search your item as well. If they are interested in your item, they will send you an Inquiry. Then both parties can negotiate the terms of rental agreement to ensure that both parties are happy.

4. Complete Transaction

When the interested party understands the terms and conditions of your rental you can transact. It's as simple as that! So What are you waiting for? Open your rental store and start renting today!

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